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      Celebrating the 20th National Congress with you
      Release time:2022-08-08 Browse times:923

      On August 5, the "Peace Bird Cup" Haishu District Federation of industry and Commerce (chamber of Commerce) system badminton competition officially opened. This competition adopts the system of elimination. With the referee's whistle, the wonderful badminton match officially started.

      At the competition site, every contestant was full of energy and enthusiasm, and one after another showed their own skills and made every effort to fight. Sometimes volleys in front of the net, sometimes smashes vigorously. The light badminton bounces back and forth in the air. Each score is the result of tenacious struggle. The wonderful match also attracted the applause of the audience.


      Focusing on the theme of "private enterprises will always follow the party to welcome the 20th National Congress with you", the competition achieved the goal of promoting exchanges through competition and promoting progress through exchanges, and fully demonstrated the spirit of each business team to forge ahead, strive for strength and pursue excellence.

      Shiqi chamber of Commerce badminton team composed of Guangbo Group stood out among 19 teams and won the eighth place in the "Peace Bird Cup" District Federation of industry and Commerce badminton competition in 2022.



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